Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the unveiling ceremony of Bengbu Mofang Optronics equipment.


Celebrate enthusiastically. 
Equipment approach. 
Mofang shows the color of ink painting between the inches; Shining the proudly postures at the moment of sights on.
The opening ceremony of the equipment entry activity was solemnly held at 05:58 on April 26th in the T7 workshop of Mofang Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. 
The applause at the scene was thunderous and hilarious. Before we followed the editor to the scene to feel this exciting and historic moment, let's review the brilliant moment of Mofang Optronics.

Looking back on the wind and rain road, the first heart is like a magnificent chapter. 
The ceremony was presided over by Li Qun, manager of Anhui Dijing Human Resources Center. First of all, she introduced the distinguished guests who attended the unveiling ceremony: Zhao Qing,deputy general manager of operation center of the Operation Center of Mofang Optronics, Ren Xiaolong, Manager of Anhui Dijing Human Resources Center, Yu Bao, IT of Dijing Group in East China, as well as Liu Anbing, the manager in charge of infrastructure construction, and all the staff of Mofang Optronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Subsequently, Zhao Qing, deputy general manager of the operation center of Mofang Optronics Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the ceremony. 
Zhao Qing said: today is the moment when Mofang Optronics side goes down in history, and we should keep this special day in mind. 
Although the preparation period is arduous, all the work is tense and orderly, solid and effective step by step, which ensures that the first important ceremony of Mofang Optronics can be held as scheduled. 
This is the achievement created by every employee of Mofang Optronics with diligent hands and wise mind, and sincerely thank you for your contribution to the development of Mofang Optronics. 
Opportunities and challenges coexist, we will stand at a new starting point, look forward to the future, create the future, and meet the future. 
We are full of confidence, we ride the wind and waves to set sail, we work together to create resplendence. 
Zhao Qing,deputy general manager of operation center impassioned speech not only pointed out the direction for us, but also described the grand blueprint of Mofang Optronics so that we have a stronger belief and passion to forge ahead, and more confidence to win the future.

With the sonorous and firm countdown of "5, 4, 3, 2, 1", the equipment was unveiled by Gao Xueli, manager of the engineering department, and Liu Guanzhou, a senior engineer of the engineering department. 
At the same time, it also opened the posture of setting sail and opened a brilliant new chapter of Mofang Optronics.

The ceremony came to a successful conclusion in the sound of the host Li Qun's manager, "the equipment of Mofang Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully completed." 
After the ceremony, we took a group photo together to record this precious and unforgettable moment. 
It is not only in the history of DJN Optronics Group but also left the pride of every Dijing people.