Structural Engineer


Number of recruits:

Experience requires:

Work area:

Salary: Negotiable
Experience: 2+ years
Working place: Bengbu, Anhui
Minimum education: college
Number of recruits: 2
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in mechanical design / optoelectronics, familiar with the complete development process of electronic paper or LCM modules.
2. Proficient in electronic paper or LCM module product structure design and material selection points.
3. Have experience in the development and mass production of electronic paper or LCM module products, and be familiar with how to deal with common problems and quick countermeasures.
4. Familiar with the process and key control points of electronic paper or LCM module products.
5. Strong communication skills, organizational skills and problem analysis skills, English reading and speaking skills are preferred.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the structural design and material selection of electronic paper products, and quickly promote the batch of projects.
2. Responsible for handling product testing problems, maintaining product BOM, drawings and other technical data, and handling design changes.
3. Review, verification and import of key and core materials for electronic paper.
4. The formulation and update of standardization documents related to electronic paper.

contact details:
Mobile number (same as WeChat):
15361675220 Mr. Wang
15675525902 Ms. Ren
Office Address: National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization Industry at the Intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Qinji Road, Yuhui District, Bengbu City