Process Engineer


Number of recruits:

Experience requires:

Work area:

Salary: Negotiable
Experience: 2+ years
Working place: Bengbu, Anhui
Minimum Education: Bachelor
Number of recruits: 4
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Proficient in using common tools such as AUTO CAD, minitab, Office;
3. More than 3 years working experience in LCM or electronic paper;
4. Familiar with the technological process, understand the cycle improvement of the production site, and be familiar with each section of equipment.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Leading the introduction of new technology and new projects;
2. The writing and upgrading of work instructions;
3. Carry out process control and operation skills training for production employees;
4. Responsible for the formulation and evaluation of the production line process optimization plan, improve the straight-through rate of the production line, and reduce scrap;
5. Assist the quality department to monitor incoming materials and production quality;
6. Rich experience in project improvement, able to lead the handling of major abnormalities in LCM or electronic paper manufacturing process;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

contact details:
Mobile number (same as WeChat):
15361675220 Mr. Wang
15675525902 Ms. Ren
Office Address: National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization Industry at the Intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Qinji Road, Yuhui District, Bengbu City