DQA Engineer


Number of recruits:

Experience requires:

Work area:

Salary: Negotiable
Experience: 2+ years
Working place: Bengbu, Anhui
Minimum education: college
Number of recruits: 2
job requirements:
1. Major: College degree or above, major in communication, electronics, etc., more than 2 years experience in the same position or 1 year LCM/electronic paper work experience;
2. Proficient in the process of ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, ISO/TS16949 management system;
3. Proficient in using the seven QC methods, FMEA/APQP/SPC/MSA/8D and 5W2H analysis methods;
4. Familiar with LCM or electronic paper development and process production process, can lead the handling of abnormal quality problems during trial production;
5. Familiar with LCM or electronic paper materials and finished product inspection standards;
6. Familiar with the work process and requirements of DQE positions in the industry;
7. Have good organizational coordination and communication skills inside and outside the department;
8. Have the ability to improve the quality of the R&D process;
9. Have a strong awareness of quality cost/risk control.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Project evaluation stage:
1) Check the customer quality data provided by the project center, confirm whether there are differences and the reasons for the differences in combination with the terminal quality requirements, and connect the direct customer and terminal standards;
2) Collect direct customer and terminal experimental requirements to ensure that the product meets the terminal requirements;
2. Preparation before the project trial production
3) Responsible for quality standard/RA standard evaluation and internal release;
4) Participate in manufacturability assessment, DFMEA/PFMEA assessment, drawing assessment;
5) Develop a quality control plan for the project;
6) Responsible for the inspection of new project Issue preventive countermeasures.
3. Trial production stage
7) Monitor the quality requirements of customers and implement them;
8) The docking and pulling of the temporary requirements of the customer to the responsibility;
9) Participate in the review of trial production problem points, and be responsible for confirming the effectiveness of countermeasures;
10) Supervise the production department to count and provide the loss rate of each material;
11) Invite direct customers to provide or sign limit samples for bad bad rates with high bad rate;
12) Monitor NPI to complete the dispute determination and monitor SQE to pull through the return material rules;
4. Mass production
13) Participate in and preside over the review of transfer to mass production, follow up on the problems left over from trial production and close the case;
5. Information Security
14) Strictly abide by the regulations on information security management, abide by the rules and regulations related to intellectual property rights and confidentiality, and make every effort to protect relevant intellectual property rights and confidential information, etc.

contact details:
Mobile number (same as WeChat):
15361675220 Mr. Wang
15675525902 Ms. Ren
Email: wangxueliang.djnlcd.com
Office Address: National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization Industry at the Intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Qinji Road, Yuhui District, Bengbu City